Premium Rate Phone Services are generally defined as those Phone Services which cost more than a Standard "National Rate" Call and which result in a Payment being made to an individual or a Company for the Content of the Call (or, in the near future, the Purchase of a product). The person or company who recieves such payments is referred to as a "Service Provider" - that is what our Business is.

When calls are made by a Customer to a Premium Rate Service the cost of the call is split 3 ways:-

a) The Phone Company whose phone the call is made from

b) The Phone Company whose Network the call terminates upon

c) The Service Provider who operates the Service

In the case of the most common Premium Rate prefix - 09068 - most calls cost the customer 60 pence per minute (including VAT) and the Service Provider, at the end of the month following that which the call was made, is paid a "Revenue Rebate" of approximately 34 pence per minute (plus VAT).

We generally give you between 50% and 75% of the 34 pence per minute; i.e. approx. 17-26 pence (plus VAT, if you are registered).


You will have seen Services of this type in most Regional Newspapers , and on much of the Internet. Basically they consist of Personal Advertisements that can be responded to by making a Premium Rate phonecall.There are 3 parts to these Services:-

a) The Advertiser will phone in and record his or her own Personal Message - traditionally this is done on a FreePhone (0800) number; this encourages as many Messages as possible. Once the recording is made, our system will allocate them a Membership Number and Pin Number.

b) We vet the Messages for acceptability and depending on your project can transcribe them for publication and post, fax or E-Mailed them to you.

c) Your customers can then phone an 09068 number and choose one of the following options:-

Record their own Advertisement (i.e. as in a) - above)

Listen to a particular Advertiser's Personal Message

Browse through all the Personal Messages

They can record their own replies to any people they want to contact

If they have recorded their own Message - they can retrieve Replies by using their Membership Number and PIN Number.


These are services where Callers can send and recieve Voice Messages to other people who are calling at the same time as they are. These are probably the most popular Dating Services at the moment. We can offer to link you into our existing services, where callers are already generated ,therefore creating a larger number of calls.

In all cases we can "brand" the Service so that they would hear your introduction at the beginning.



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