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Mobikade Launches in U.K.

July 26th, 2007 · Tag Europe, Excite Japan, Japan, Mobikade, Web 2.0, mobile phone, social network

Mobikade, a popular ad-funded mobile social networking site has launched in the U.K. today. It is a mobile Social Networking Site and free games site jointly organized by Global Network Solutions Europe and Excite Japan. The general thinking is that the mobile concentration of the U.K. population is very high, i.e. six million according to a statistical report in U.K. and thus, it has emerged as the first target market of Mobikade’s overseas venture. To talk about Mobikade’s features, it is a full-fledge mobile site that comprised of games developed from Japan, Korea, US, and the Europe, mainly the puzzle games such as Sudoku and some of the casino games. In addition, Mobikade offered users the freedom to create their own private groups, where they can share photos, blogs, and interest among themselves. Meanwhile, it also tapped into the rising popularity of Twitter by offered the Twitter-like micro-blogging feature, the personal mobile space to be provided to every users in order to keep track what’s new in one’s life, in the posting title that entitled, “What’s up now?” What sets Mobikade apart is the market-retain scheme, i.e. the point system that reward the users with every move made by them. Users have the chances to win Sony PlayStation 3 Console, iTube, Louis Vuitton and other prizes if they have accumulated for more than 1,000 points or above.

Inevitably, Mobikade has a big goal in mind, with the short-term goal to acquire 200,000 users by March 2008, and with plans to expand into other European markets such as Italy and Germany.

You can visit the Mobikade U.K. site by clicking here